Destroyer and Serpentina Test Shot Set

$170.00 - Sold out

Image of Destroyer and Serpentina Test Shot Set Image of Destroyer and Serpentina Test Shot Set

2 piece 5.5” resin figure set.
With snake staff, shield, and camcorder
Package in a poly bag with header card

This year for the Five Points Festival we decided to sell a couple of our figures that are basically test shots and prototypes that we make for ourselves.

As you can guess we’re huge MOTU and Remco fans and will often just make pieces for our shelves. After getting a lot of inquiries about these early versions of figures we decided to make them available for sale. There isn’t a lot of difference between these and the final product. Mainly, just a packaging difference, or in Serpentina’s case the sunglasses may be slightly different than the final figure.

Being test shots these figures will need a little heat to get the staff in hand - DO NOT FORCE IT IN THE HAND!

The pre-order for Destroyer will be up and running soon, but if you want one now this 2 figure set is ready to ship.