Accessories Pack #1 (pre-order)

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Image of Accessories Pack #1 (pre-order) Image of Accessories Pack #1 (pre-order)

This is our first Accessories Pack. It's an idea we're trying out after getting a lot of feedback about the sharpness and quality of our repro weapons. The accessories packs will be a mix of resin casted replacement parts for vintage figures and newly sculpted items from our new Fury Force series and Masters of Martial Arts series. The intention for this set is to add another level of display for your figures. The head that comes with this pack is compatible with the Silent Master release, or with a little TLC you can convert your favorite vintage figure to a Silent Master...

Pack Includes:
-Silent Master Test Pilot head

This set comes with the Test Pilot head only, there is NO action figure body with the set.

These packs will start shipping the second week of May.