Storm Shadow


As I’ve stated before, some of these G.I. Joe and Cobra characters can be very difficult to translate into a modern 1/6 scale figure. Mainly […]


Card Pose 2

This is another Dreadnok that’s part of a long term commission project. It’s tough because I’m drawing from slightly different elements of each character from […]

Intelligence Officer


After reworking this peice more times than I have ever done on a 1/6 scale figure, I finally come out with a version of this […]

Grasshopper Pretender- “…on a mountain crossing” version


Ultra Magnus anime style head with a mix of 3a elements. Unlike other 3a 1/6 robots this custom features robotic 3a Armstrong forearms that have […]

Shadow Master- “…on a mountain crossing” version


Manga inspired Storm Shadow. I rarely use anime and manga inspired head scultps, but this combination of costuming and facial expression just seemed too perfect. […]

Black & White Mixy Mix part 2


This is the second figure in the Snake Eyes / Storm Shadow mix-up project. Picture if you will, an alternate reality where it is Snake […]

Black & White Mixy Mix part 1


For lack of a better name for this project I’m just going to call it “Black and White Mixy Mix” Last December I was commissioned […]

Captain Rogers


What if Buck Rogers, Iron Man, and Captain America raised a child in a “3 Men & a Baby” scenario? He might turn out like […]

Pretender Leader: Pax, Orion


A recent birthday kitbash for a friend of mine whose into 3A….

Blowtorch Specialist (details)


I like Torch so much I decided he needed an additional gallery. These are some pics the give slightly tighter view of some of the […]

Blowtorch Specialist


I Put a crazy amount of detail into this guy. Perhaps it was the fact that Torch was the first 3 3/4 Dreadnok figure that […]

Master of Disguise V2


I had created a Zartan for the Cobra-lalilulelo Show a while back. For this version I was visually drawing more from the Comic book interpretation of the […]